The world's best weather satellite signal to image decoder

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WXtoImg is a fully automated APT and WEFAX weather satellite (WXsat) decoder. The software supports recording, decoding, editing, and viewing on most versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. WXtoImg supports real-time decoding, map overlays, advanced colour enhancements, 3-D images, animations, multi-pass images, projection transformation (e.g. Mercator), text overlays, automated web page creation, temperature display, GPS interfacing, wide-area composite image creation and computer control for many weather satellite receivers, communications receivers, and scanners.

WXtoImg makes use of the 16-bit sampling capabilities of soundcards to provide better decoding than is possible with expensive purpose-designed hardware decoders.

WXtoImg comes in a basic version that provides a large range of features. Improved automation, new enhancements, a wider variety of options, projection transformations and improved quality images from communications receivers and scanners are available by registering the software.


  • Stunning color images day and night
  • Real-time display of image data sent from satellite
  • Completely automated recording, decoding and web page production/publishing
  • Supports a wide range of enhancements
  • Transforms images to standard map projections
  • Overlay maps with adjustable colors and feature sets
  • Temperature under cursor display
  • IR Temperature and sea surface temperature calibration
  • Command line operation for embedded applications

Simple Hardware Setup

Use an inexpensive RTL-SDR receiver or simply connect a 137-138MHz FM communications receiver, scanner, or weather satellite receiver to your sound-card and get stunning color images directly from weather satellites. The only other item you'll need is an antenna for receiving the circularly polarized signals.