software to decode APT and WEFAX signals from weather satellites

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WXtoImg Downloads

Latest Beta Version
  • Version 2.11.2: Linux ALSA audio support, Linux running on ARM processors, bug fixes, and improved scripting (wxpdone) support..


Download WXtoImg version 2.10.11
Note: when upgrading do not uninstall WXtoImg first, just exit WXtoImg and install the new version over the old.
  • Windows: Install package for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT/2003/Vista/7/8 on Intel and compatible processors (8.52MB).
  • Mac OS X: Universal Binary for MacOS X 10.4 and later on Macintosh G4, G5 and Intel processors (16.9MB).
  • Linux .deb package: for Ubuntu, Debian and other Linux with dpkg support on Intel and compatible processors (8.02MB).
  • Linux RPM: for RedHat and other RPM compatible Linux on Intel and compatible processors (8.00MB).
  • Linux/FreeBSD tar.gz: for Slackware and other Linux without package support and for FreeBSD with Linux compatibility on Intel and compatible processors (8.06MB).
  • 64-bit Linux tar.gz: for Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 and other new 64-bit Linux on Intel and AMD64 processors (8.51MB).

Additional Information:

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