About WXtoImg Restored

WXtoImg Restored is a fan site/content mirror of the original WXtoImg website.  WxtoImg was originally developed by Craig Anderson from Auckland, New Zealand, and distributed from the Abstract Technologies website. This website was abandoned in 2018 along with the development of the software.  Version 2.10.11 was the last STABLE release of the software.  Version 2.11.2 was the last beta release of the software.  WXtoImg is closed source software.  WXtoImg still runs on most modern operating systems.

WXtoImg is still one of the most popular software packages to decode NOAA APT Satellite images and is widely used around the world.  The software is downloaded over 2,500 times per month.  Many users have dedicated web pages to display the latest images as well as some users creating scripts to auto-post their latest captured images to Twitter feeds.

WXtoImg is a fully automated APT and WEFAX weather satellite (WXsat) decoder. The software supports recording, decoding, editing, and viewing on most versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. WXtoImg supports real-time decoding, map overlays, advanced colour enhancements, 3-D images, animations, multi-pass images, projection transformation (e.g. Mercator), text overlays, automated web page creation, temperature display, GPS interfacing, wide-area composite image creation and computer control for many weather satellite receivers, communications receivers, and scanners.

WXtoImg makes use of the 16-bit sampling capabilities of soundcards to provide better decoding than is possible with expensive purpose-designed hardware decoders.

Some links on this website may contain affiliate codes.  WXtoImg Restored participates in various affiliate programs and receives commissions on affiliate referred sales.  These commissions help to off-set the cost of running the website.

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