software to decode APT and WEFAX signals from weather satellites

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Currently Active Satellites

  • NOAA 15 on 137.6200 MHz FM is ON:
  • NOAA 16 on 137.6200 MHz FM is OFF: Decommissioned
  • NOAA 17 on 137.5000 MHz FM is OFF: Decommissioned
  • NOAA 18 on 137.9125 MHz FM is ON:
  • NOAA 19 on 137.1000 MHz FM is ON:

for more information see the satellite page.

Building Wide-Area Composite Images

Information on building images that cover a region, continent, hemisphere or the entire globe is available here.

Books on Weather Satellite Image Interpretation


WXtoImg comes with complete on-line documentation.

Documentación en español (2.5.11): traducida por Paulí Núñez, EA3BLQ.

Documentation in Dutch (2.7.3): translated by Henk Dankmeijer. Documentation en français (2.5.11): traduit par Jean-Louis Fenasse. Documentation in German (2.5.11): translated by . Documentation in Polish (2.5.11): translated by Jakub Gorzynski, SQ2WB. Documentation in Japanese (2.5.11): translated by Nakato Mikiya.

WXtoImg Support

If you are having problems, the following covers "90%" of all reported problems:
  • check the "Latitude" and "Longitude" under "Options" -> "Ground Station Location" have been set correctly,
  • update the keplers by connecting to the Internet and selecting "File" -> "Update Keplers",
  • check that the timezone (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Date/Time) is correct for your location, and
  • check that your computer's date and time are accurate (to within 1 second, see Other Software for programs for keeping the clock syncronised to an Internet time source).
Also make sure to check the FAQ.

Recommended System Requirements

Windows / Linux / Mac:
These are the recommended minimum system requirements for WXtoImg:
  • 1024x768 resolution display,
  • 16 bit colour display (use 24 or 32 bit for better results),
  • 16-bit sound card or USB audio device with line in,
  • 500MHz processor (image processing time approx 1-2 minutes),
  • 512MB RAM,
  • 200MB free space on hard disk, and
  • Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8, Linux, FreeBSD with Linux compatibility installed, or MacOS X 10.5 or later.

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