Other Software

Fix For Errors Downloading TLE / Keplers

On July 4th, 2022 celetrak.com changed their domain to redirect to celetrak.org.  This started causing errors in downloading the latest TLE/Keplers.  Below are some fixes to get around the errors WXtoImg gets while trying to update.

  • wxtoproxy - This is a simple proxy "wrapper" for the ageing WxToImage. It starts a proxy server on port 8080 and properly handles any application redirects. When the weather.txt format breaks in future its possible to implement a data converter here as well.
  • USRadioguy.com – Great step by step article on using Powershell scripting and setting up a scheduled task to get updates.

Time Synchronization Software

Software for keeping your computer’s clock synchronized to an Internet time source. This is necessary to ensure that maps overlays are correctly aligned.

  • Windows built in time sync – Most modern versions of Windows has built in time synchronization that can be enabled in the system settings
  • Meinberg NTP – Best solution for keeping clock in sync for all versions of Windows
  • Dimension 4 – Very simple to use time sync freeware for Windows. Set to sync on system startup, and every 900 seconds (15 minutes).


  • Template Generator – Use this form to build a custom template for WXtoImg to publish images to your site

Palette / CLUT Generators

  • WXtoImg PAL – (Rajesh K, Smileware) Generates color palette files in the format in which WXtoIMG requires for processing Thermal, Sea Surface temperature and HVC enhancements. Called CLUT (Color LookUp Tables), these files are the source of information for WXtoIMG to set colors for temperatures while generating map). For Windows only (v2.1)